Friday, August 29, 2008

Tips and Tidbits

Things have settled a bit since "stupid woman" mutalated her dead horse. Our neighbors just found out they are having a boy in January and we couldn't be more excited for them. Bear and I are getting ready to head to our county Fair this weekend and eat Fair food and drink margueritas at koolaid corner.

The view from my horse today is Horse and Rider magazine. Hereis why. The book, The Horses We Love, The Lessons We Learn has been doing really well and we arepleased. We have recieved emails and letters and phone calls from people all over the world who read it and liked it. Tips and Tidbits is agreat, fun little book thatcame out at the same time but has been a little slower to take off. Out of the blue, we started recieving several emails about it and wondered why. So one morning, I was reading my August issue of Horse and Rider, which I love, and there in little blue boxes now and then were quotes from the book. I called to thank them and spoke with a gal by the name of Erin in editorial and she was really nice. Hi Erin.

Horse and Rider has been around for several years and I think we have an entire closet dedicated to back issues. I hope to see them use references to all three books in the future and if you haven't read it, pick one up.

So off to Fair we go where there areless horses than in the past years but I am sure we will have fun just the same.


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