Friday, August 29, 2008

Tips and Tidbits

Things have settled a bit since "stupid woman" mutalated her dead horse. Our neighbors just found out they are having a boy in January and we couldn't be more excited for them. Bear and I are getting ready to head to our county Fair this weekend and eat Fair food and drink margueritas at koolaid corner.

The view from my horse today is Horse and Rider magazine. Hereis why. The book, The Horses We Love, The Lessons We Learn has been doing really well and we arepleased. We have recieved emails and letters and phone calls from people all over the world who read it and liked it. Tips and Tidbits is agreat, fun little book thatcame out at the same time but has been a little slower to take off. Out of the blue, we started recieving several emails about it and wondered why. So one morning, I was reading my August issue of Horse and Rider, which I love, and there in little blue boxes now and then were quotes from the book. I called to thank them and spoke with a gal by the name of Erin in editorial and she was really nice. Hi Erin.

Horse and Rider has been around for several years and I think we have an entire closet dedicated to back issues. I hope to see them use references to all three books in the future and if you haven't read it, pick one up.

So off to Fair we go where there areless horses than in the past years but I am sure we will have fun just the same.


Monday, August 18, 2008

The Lines are Blurred

The lines are blurred these days between right and wrong and humane and cruel and I for one am mad as hell about it. Our government is seriously considering killing the wild mustangs in Nevada. Stupid, unappreciative politicians playing GOD again. Bad enough but expected. An incident happened the other day that just really makes me question how bad it has become. A while back, I told you about the neighbor with the horse that had the big gaping hole in his forehead that I was trying to hold together while the vet stapled it shut. It was the night my hubby Bear was struck by lightening in the same barn. The owner, a woman that we shall call "stupid woman" just so we don't want accidently insult her, refused to give the horse any meds after the incident because she believes only in natural care. The horse should have been put down several times since then and "stupid woman" has refused to do it. When the horse foundered because she trimmed the hooves too short and when it colicked and when it was literally covered in flies that were eating the horses flesh.

The horse died the other day and stupid woman called the neighbor to come help bury it. She believes it died during the night but she wasn't sure. She just knows it was dead when she went out to feed him breakfast at 11:00 am! She was a little busy apparently because she had just given birth to her second daughter in the garage. Yes I said given birth in the garage.

The man with the front end loader showed up and the neighbor stuck around to help. Stupid woman's husband was there so if it were me, I would have left but the neighbor stayed. Stupid woman requested that thee mane and tail be cut off the horse and they complied. Then she wanted them to cut off her beloved companions front legs! Ms. "ALL NATURAL" stupid woman thought that if she gave the front legs to someone for research, it would be helpful in figuring out why the horse foundered. Not neccesary! I can tell her the reason is that she trims her own hooves down to about 2 inches long and not very even at that. Well they complied as she went to take a nap because she was tired. (Giving birth in your garage is apparently really hard work).

The neighbor cut this poor horses front legs off and asked "where is the ice?" No one had any ice. No one considered at any point that the horse had laid out in the heat for several hours and the tissue was too dead to really do any useful research. So now we have a dead horse, two severed legs and stupid woman is taking a nap. Are ya with me so far? Good. Before the horse is buried, stupid woman decides to take her three year old out to say goodbye. As the neighbor recounts the details of this story to me through my husband who knows all too well how stupid stupid woman can be, I am devestated. I had nightmares all weekend.

So now it is monday and I check my messages only to find that one is from Stupid Woman with horse questions. My only thought is this... ask the questions before you mame and torture your horses and leave them standing there for months covered in flies and suffering. Maybe before you have the neighbor cut off his legs and keep them in your yard in 85 degrees for , my guess is, nothing. Taking direction from a crazy woman who gives birth to her children in the garage is never a good idea but calling me for any reason after you do something so incredibly inhumane and pshycotic is just not acceptable. Keep your questions or ask them before the horse actually dies because I have always said that the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked and you have proven me wrong. As for the wild horses in Nevadaa, easy solution really...the ranchers that want them dead so they don't graze on their land, give them a tax incentive to set aside a certain amount of land for grazing and stop playing God with God's creatures. Have the stallions gelded so the numbers stay down and don't let stupid woman anywhere near them.

I think you can guess who the view from my horse is today and you can probably guess that I am really angry. Oh yeah did I mention that one of her questions was about boarding horses at her place? Why on earth doesn't this county have a decent humane agent?

Blessings with a special blessing to the horse with no legs.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The FREE audio chapters (PODCAST)

Wait for it... wait for patient. To those of you that have emailed me asking where the free MP3 audio podcast chapters are, they are coming. Michelle is working her butt off trying to get them up on the site for you. So that would make her the view from my horse today. That's right, my buddy Michelle who works so hard to make this web site a nice one without ever asking for a singgle thing except patience is the view from my horse.

There will be two different chapters, the sad but favorite TEDDY chapter from The Horses We Love, The Lessons We Learn and a bonus chapter that I wrote after the book came out. Big Boy Money Can't Buy Everything. Both yours for the low low price of FREE! Keep checking back to the site people and don't forget to dump your cookies so you can see it. Then just enjoy these two chapters compliments of my publisher, myself and Michelle, the view from my horse.

Let us know how you like them.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pretty little girls, puppies and podcasts

Hey all,
It has been a crazy few days but I wanted to catch everyone up to date. Here is the recent view from my horse...First, pretty little girls...congratulations go out to Jake and LeAnn, Jeff and Laura Stratton's son and daughter in law on the birth of their daughter Avery. Awww, I can't wait to hold her. Papa Jeff and Nana Laura, congrats! You are grandparents and Jake and Leann will make wonderful parents.

Puppies! I am convinced that the only thing second to holding a new born baby is holding a puppy. We have taken care of a nice little mini aussie puppy by the name of Barney for a year when he arrived to us last May covered in ticks, skinny and with a broken rib. He is registered out the wazoo and now after all this, we get to find a lovely blue merle female and have puppies! The problem is that I am having trouble finding the perfect little girl for him. I thought I did from a woman who has way too many and was going to place one or two with me. Apparently though, she can't let go of even one. She is a collector and puppy collectors are like horse collectors, they end up with over 100 or so and the animals suffer. We will keep looking and keep an eye on this situation because I am really worried about it.

The podcast! Thanks to my publisher, Howell book house, a division of Wiley publishing and my wonderful web designer, Michelle, in the next few days, we will be offering you all a FREE, yes I said FREE audio version of the Teddy chapter from The Horses We Love The Lessons We Learn and a new bonus chapter called Big Boy, that is not even in the book because I just wrote it. We recorded the podcasts with me actually reading the chapter to you and it will be available to you as a gift beginning sometime the first of the week. Sooooooo watch for it, download it and enjoy it. Heres to pretty Avery, the female aussie we have yet to find and the free podcasted chapters for all of you. Cheers! Have a great week.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Leading New Friends Down Old Paths

Bear and I met two new people yesterday who recently moved here from North Carolina. Seems Shannon and Rusty purchased one of Beau's babies who is now 8 years old. Not exactly a baby anymore but any how! You all know how I tend to ramble. Shannon wanted to get into showing her new horse so I got into my closet and pulled out some show clothes for her. Some were new Wrangler clothes that Court sends me but a few were some of the items I wore when I showed. The heavy glitzy sequined jacket that we placed fourth at World wearing. It's the one that weighs about 15 lbs. Not exactly suitable for Oklahoma in July but I wore it anyway. I dusted off the cobwebs and gave it to Shannon and she seemed pleased. One jacket actually still had a number on the back of it from a show! I wonder how long that has been in there. It made me think about old friends and old horses and old times and I loved it.

I still see a lot of you at Fair and bump into a few of you here andthere but it isn't the same as staying up all night and waiting for foals to be born or getting lost in the park after a few beers and a trail ride, (you know who you are!) or team penning til 4 am and having to be up to get to a show the following morning. I miss those days. I wish Shannon and Rusty the best of luck with their horses and will be there to cheer them on but to those of you who I ahvent seen in a while, Bear and I still do koolaid corner at Fair during the speed show and there is a spot for you on the rail. Meet us there and chat a while. Especially to John Saeger, I promise not to lock you in the portapotty this year. To Joni Leathers, try and keep your horse INSIDE the arena and not on our laps, and to Paula me to the entry booth if you need a marguerita. Love you guys!