Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brothers and Birthdays

I panicked today. It was due to a realization that literally took my breath away. I am going to be 50 in November, I know it is still a few months away, and it honestly does not botherme turning 50. Here is the problem. I was born on the night of my big brothers birthday after midnight. So Joe was born on the 12th of November and I was born on the 13th. 5 years apart. For my whole life, he would hand over the birthday honors at exactly midnight.

It didn't matter where we were or even if we were together. When we were kids, he would wake me up to give me the "birthday" and as we grew older and lived hundreds of miles away from each other, he called me every year at exactly midnight. The phone would ring and it would be his friendly voice telling me "Happy Birthday Sis!" It was one of the few constants in my life. Now the big 50 one is coming and he won't call. You see, Joe died this year before our birthdays and I am feeling pretty lost without him. Even as he grew ill and was in a nursing home with several medical ailments, I would make peanut butter cookies and go spend our birthdays together.

I thought it might be easier to change my birthday to the fourth of July but it didnt work, everyone forgot in the chaos of my daughter being in the hospital and all things aside, it didnt feel right anyway. I miss Joe so much. He left us right after my dad died so it was a double whammy losing the two members of my family that I loved the most. I am not sure what to do for my birthday and am open to suggestions here. I just know that it will be so sad turning 50 without him.

So the view from my horse is birthdays and brothers and both were always prettycool until now. What I wouldn't do for that midnight call just one more year. I miss you Joe, you were the perfect brother and I wouldn't have shared my birthday with anyone else in the world. My birthday wish for you this year is that you are finally free of all the pain and riding your motorcycle through the back roads of heaven with Debby on the back. That you have hot fresh baked peanut cookies at your beck and call and that you show me a sign on my birthday this year that you are thinking abou me and still watching over me. I miss you buddy.


Monday, July 14, 2008

The Kentucky Horse Park

Good morning all,

It has been 12 years since Bear and I have been to the Kentucky Horse Park and I must say that we are ashamed that it has been so long. To have this wonderful, calming park filled with history of horses a mere five hours away and not to visit more often is a crime. We were invited to speak to the Bashkir Curly group down there friday and saturday and we met so many nice people both in the group as well as in the park itself. The gift shop is exquisite and the landscaping is perfectly maintained. If you havent been there, I suggest you plan a trip and if it has been a while, treat yourself to a day or maybe a weekend and just relax and see the many new displays.

The weather was beautiful and all the horses are well cared for and truly a sight to see. We went to the Living Legends barn early in the morning and watched as they bathed Cigar who is one of my personal favorites. We went on a hay ride through the park which is something we have not done before. What fun!

I want to thank the ABC resgisty for inviting us as well as the entire park staff for making our visit special. Pat and Tony for the wonderful compliments on my books which will soon be available in the gift shop and our friends Laura and Jeff Stratton for driving over from Columbus to spend some time with us. We love them very much.

So the view from the back of my horse today is the rolling hills and perfectly lined white fences of the Kentucky Horse Park. What a beautiful sight to see. Meet me in Kentucky because I will definately be going back soon.

Friday, July 4, 2008

True Independance

The view from the back of my horse on the fourth of July is the true meaning of independance. I have spent the week with one particular dog that is a sweet heart but LOVES to bark. She barks from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to sleep which is usually about an hour and then she barks again. She is a sweet dog and I really think she is cool but she barks and hascontinued to bark for eight days straight. She is hyper and has a spastic colon as a result of this so when there was blood in her stool, I put her in my car and took her to the vet. I realized I was out of gas so I stopped at the gas station, locked the doors so she would be safe, went in to pay and when I came out, she wouldn't let me back in my car. She thought I was a stranger trying to break into my own car and guess what, she barked! She goes home Saturday...independance!

The Toro company has decided to put a new deck on the tractor I was having trouble with and the dealer has had since Memorial Day. I can finally park the old Huskee that spews black smoke and hot air...independance!

We are leaving for Kentucky Thursday morning to present some seminars for the American Bashkir Curly national convention at the Kentucky Horse Park and I can sleep for five hours while my hubby drives. No phones, no barking, no mowing grass or weed wacking or any other every day chores...independance!

I am taking this weekend to get my stallion out and ride him because breeding season is over for the horses and I will have his full undivided attention! I havent had this since last fall. Just me and him and sunshine. Then I am going to float on a raft in the pool before the busy week ahead begins...independance!

I am going to be 50 soon but I am still independant enough to dress myself, feed myself, go to the bathroom by myself and do all the other things that don't yet require the help of another person! I am grateful that, I can tell you!

But all kidding aside, I want to thank every serviceman that has fought for our independance as a nation and every family member that has sacrificed a soldier we have lost in that fight whether they be a father, brother or son, a mother sister or daughter. So the view from the back of my horse is that brand spanking new red white and blue flag that I proudly hang each year on this day that honors them and reminds me never to take one breath of my independance for granted. The cost they have paid has been high and in exchange, we must never forget to thank them for that. Go out and buy a brand new flag and retire the old one and hang it proudly in their honor today. Make some noise in their honor and light up the sky with fireworks in their honor. Let freedom ring so loudly that they hear it all the way across the world where they dont know the meaning of the word independance. Raise some hell, my fellow Americans! Be grateful for our freedom and have a safe and enjoyable fourth of July.