Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day

I called my mother in law to invite her to a cookout at our place and she declined. She said she had issues with this day because it was just a day designed by the retail market to sell cards and gifts. Hmmm. At first, I had to agree with her but then I got to thinking, who cares! Whether it is a commercialized day created for whatever reason, it still has merit. Mothers still should have at least one day a year that honorsthehard work they do. I didnt want to celebrate the daybut rather celebrate who she is and all she has done where her children are concerned. I for one as a mother enjoy this day. My two girls and my husband and new son in law go out of their wayto cook me dinner and spend time with me and they bring me cards and I love it! I am celebrated by people who care about me. I am thanked for those sleepless nights when my kids were little and sick and I sat up with them all night. I am thanked for all the cookies I baked and the field trips I went on because the other parents were too busy. The lilacs are in bloom, the cold weather has finally left us and I cant think of a better reason to celebrate. So today, the view from the back of my horse are those capitalist card manufacturers that created a day just for us mothers because I would like to thank them for giving us a day of our own. Celebrate your mom today and go buy her a card. If you are a mom yourself, sit back and enjoy it. Happy Mothers Day.


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