Friday, October 24, 2008

Friends, Favors and Falling Trees

Wow! Almost November and I've realized that it has been over a month since I have posted on this blog. I appologize. Let's catch up!

I learned yesterday from Roxane Cerda, my editor that The Horses We Love, The Lessons We Learn is going into reprint and am very excited about it. My friend Biggun, Duane, has been really sick and in the hospital and our thoughts and prayers go out to him. Tommy in Columbus was out riding his horse with his wife and stopped talking suddenly, got down off the horse and dropped dead from an aneurism. Prayers to his family as he was only 46. Drove down to Congress and spent time with Jeff and Laura Stratton and the Murnan Road crew. Beautiful new babies, birthdays and beers. I love them and always have a great time down there. Speaking of birthdays, I turn the big 5 0 in three weeks! Yikes.

A funny thing happened yesterday that scared the hell out of me. Our good friend Rusty and his brother in law Kyle came overto take down some cherry trees in the pasture as a favor to us. ( So nice to have friends that you can call on now and again.) We just signed for a nice Ford F150, cherry red, for the hubby and have only had it a couple days. Rusty drives a smaller truck that got stuck trying to pull down one of the really big trees. Sooooo with hubby at work, I pulled his new truck into the pasture and the guys proceeded to tie ropes to it. I put it in gear and hit the gas. Just then, the two cute little boys in the truck with me started a conversation and I heard Rusty holler what sounded like "WHOA!" so I stopped. "Go, Go, Go!", he yelled. Oops!

Now to a horse person, go sounds a lot like whoa and I am sure you can see my confusion. The next sound I heard was a huge crash that seemed to echoe through the woods. All the horses in the next pasture scattered and I turned to see the huge tree on top of the run through shed. Again, oops! Apparently when I stopped, the tree shifted and fell in the wrong direction. The round pen lost a few rails and I can tell you that there is now a skylight in the roof of the shed.

Bear estimates that it is going to cost about $500 to fix it but if there is one thing I have learned is that things could always be worst. The truck is still in tact and no one was hurt. People are so much more important than things. Sheds are replaceable and people aren't. I guess I am just not good at things like falling trees and power tools (see earlier post about routing my finger to the bone and skin graft surgery) but I will keep trying. The view from the back of my horse shows me that trees take up way less space when they are standing upright instead of lying all over my pasture but I thank Rusty and Kyle for the favor and for being good friends and I hope that cherry wood keeps them warm all winter long.

P.S. I wonder if Caribou Barbie cuts down her own trees.


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